Support for funding applications

“We are delighted that we chose John Harris as a Moneytree fundraising consultant to support us in our fundraising campaign. He has been a delight to work with: taking time, at the start, to learn about us and our community. Thereafter, John has supported us in a relationship characterised by professionalism, partnership and genuine collaboration. With his help we have raised £340,000 towards the renovation and refurbishment of cottages at Stanley Grange and to improve activities for and the quality of lives of our residents.”

David Wilks, Vice Chair Stanley Grange Community Association – an intentional community for adults with learning disabilities and complex needs.

The services offered are:

Identifying relevant trusts and foundations
We have access to a variety of sources to identify charitable trusts and foundations and can search based on geography and the kinds of causes trusts and foundations will give grants to. Where charities wish to complete applications themselves this information will give you a strong starting point.

Prioritising trusts identified in relation to deadlines and criteria
Having identified a range of appropriate trusts and foundations, we will analyse these in terms of whether your charity or organisation meets their criteria, what the deadlines for applications are, the amounts the trusts tend to award etc. – leading to a document which prioritises these in terms of where you should begin with your applications.

Completing applications for organisations without the personnel or time to do this
If your organisation does not have the resources in terms of time to complete applications then we can do this on your behalf.

Training staff, trustees and volunteers in writing effective applications
An important part of developing an effective fundraising strategy is building the capacity of your own staff and volunteers – we will come and deliver training sessions in writing effective applications. 2019 has seen us delivering workshops in fundraising to a wide range of organisations in North Yorkshire, Kirklees and Bradford.

Supporting and guiding staff through the process of completing applications
We can be on call to answer queries and make suggestions in order to ensure that applications get to be the best they can be in order to stand out from the crowd.

Quality assuring internally completed applications
When your staff or trustees have got applications to final draft stage we will go through them with a fine tooth comb – again so that your organisations stands a real chance of success

“We really appreciate the input from John at TSC over the past 12 months. For a start he was able to access £10k for development work for us! Really important as we have no paid staff. Then he helped us consult with all our key stakeholders, then with a colleague developed our new business plan, successfully completed our CIO registration and has raised a further £17k for refurbishing the upstairs auditorium seats.”

George Mitchell, President of Todmorden Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society CIO.