Supporting ecoACTIVE in Hackney

Our work with this small environmental charity in Hackney has been developing over the past 2 – 3 years – working closely with the CEO there. There are big smiles all round at the moment as we have helped secure £90,000 in grants over the last three months – from trusts and one corporate donor. We really want to do our bit to support their work with young children through Forest Schools – and with local residents working to develop 18 Community Gardens out of derelict or neglected spaces. Many local people are themselves developing the skills needed to manage the gardens and to make them thrive through planting and growing trees, fruits and vegetables – making these spaces beautiful and useful for the community.

Huge result for Stanley Grange Community Association – £91,000 grant!

As an associate for Moneytree Fundraising John has been working with SGCA for 4 years – mostly for funds to refurbish all of the houses for adults with severe learning disabilities. We have now raised all of the funds needed for Pendle & Weavers houses (£460,000) – with a funder known to SGCA visiting and coming up with the remaining funds needed – £91,000. Not only this, but the trustees have indicated strong support for continuing support for Stanley Grange – through Phase 8 (three smaller houses) and then to setting up a social enterprise on site. It shows the value of maintaining and developing the relationship with a funder, where possible, and how easily people fall in love with Stanley Grange when they visit. By the way, there is a programme called the Tool Box on Channel 4 all this week (13-16 March) which features the makeover of the neglected garden/allotment area there – worth a watch!

Another £30,000 for Together Dementia Support in Manchester

John has been working on the fundraising for TDS for a while now – with great results. We’ve just heard that the application to the Garfield Weston Foundation has resulted in a grant of £30,000 for the next 12 months – for running costs. fantastic result for a marvellous organisation supporting those with dementia and their carers – as well as campaigning for better dementia related services in the Greater Manchester area.

A new client – Bradford Nightstop

We are delighted to be working with Bradford Nightstop – a charity working to support young homeless people – through trained and supported volunteers who accept the young person into their home for a night at a time.Staff support the young person in working with other agencies to find longer term accommodation and support. TSC will be working closely with trustees and staff to develop the business and strategic planning and the fundraising strategy – through a mentoring and skills development approach.

Excellent results for Bierley Community association

It’s been a good start to 2023 for our work with Bierley Community association in Bradford. We have supported them in winning a Bradford Council Strategic Grant (£10,000) to progress their strategic development as a charity. We will help them develop the governance and fundraising strategy. Not only that but also helping them secure £29,000 over two years to support their work through the council Local Community Opportunities grants – funding the work with older people in a range of ways: companionship groups, reminiscence work, advice and guidance and much, much more.

More success for Bierley Community Association in Bradford

It’s another grant of £30,000 over two years from the Garfield Weston Foundation – for core costs in running the Centre and the amazing range of support provided to the residents of Bierley – thye older people in the area, children from toddlers to teenagers, a support group for children with complex needs, a support group for the traveller’s community, a food pantry where £5 buys over £20 worth of good food and a payment i nto a crdit union account. Fantastic staff doing great work.

£30,000 Garfield Weston grant for Stanley Grange Community Association

After a slow period in terms of winning grants for SGCA it’s taken off! This award from the Garfield Weston Foundation is for core costs. The recent £105,000 from Clothworker’s Foundation and Albert Hunt Trust are for the refurbishment of Pendle and Weavers houses for adults with severe learning disabilities/difficulties. Not that far to go now with this parr of the fundraising. This work is carried out as an associate of Moneytree Fundraising and I have raised £536,000 in 4 years for SGCA.

How TSC has boosted the Manningham Advice project

We have been working with the Manningham Advice Project for around 3 years now. The Project provides advice on the benefits system and immigration to a largely south Asian community. We have worked to support hem in various ways: strategic development, fundraising, evaluation and development of the Self-Reliance programme. This year we have played an active role in helping them recruit a new Chief Executive Officer – a new role for the organisation. We were delighted to be part of the leaving do for the retiring Project Manager and the annual dinner. And that’s not all! We have just heard that our work in supporting their application to reaching Communities has resulted in a grant award of £113,000 over the next three years!

Huge step forward for Bierley Community Association!

TSC has worked with Bierley Community Association over the past 9 months to progress an application to the Henry Smith Charity. After a positive meeting with their visitor and another long wait we have heard that BCS has been awarded £126,000 over three years! This is to support the work to sustain people and families in very difficult times – in an area where there are high levels of poverty and disadvantage – as well as people wanting to learn new skills and help each other out. We are very proud.

A storming month for Stanley Grange!

In the last few weeks we have been busy refining applications to the Albert hunt Trust and the Clothworker’s Foundation. This led to meetings with both funders and the results are a total of £105,000 in grants towards the refurbishment of Pendle and Weavers houses for adults with severe learning disabilities in Lancashire. This work is as an associate of Moneytree Fundraising. This brings the total raised for this inspiring community to well over half a million pounds now! Many thanks to these two funders.