More success for Bierley Community Association in Bradford

It’s another grant of £30,000 over two years from the Garfield Weston Foundation – for core costs in running the Centre and the amazing range of support provided to the residents of Bierley – thye older people in the area, children from toddlers to teenagers, a support group for children with complex needs, a support group for the traveller’s community, a food pantry where £5 buys over £20 worth of good food and a payment i nto a crdit union account. Fantastic staff doing great work.

£30,000 Garfield Weston grant for Stanley Grange Community Association

After a slow period in terms of winning grants for SGCA it’s taken off! This award from the Garfield Weston Foundation is for core costs. The recent £105,000 from Clothworker’s Foundation and Albert Hunt Trust are for the refurbishment of Pendle and Weavers houses for adults with severe learning disabilities/difficulties. Not that far to go now with this parr of the fundraising. This work is carried out as an associate of Moneytree Fundraising and I have raised £536,000 in 4 years for SGCA.