A Day to Remember for TSC and West Yorkshire housing association!

Today we heard that our extensive work over the last several months in support of a multi year grant for a West Yorkshire housing association has been successful. They have been awarded £313,000 over the next 3 years to develop and run their food and wrap around skills development project. This is all about equipping people to learn more of the skills needed to manage on a low income (budgeting, accessing benefits entitlements) , eat healthily and cheaply – as well as developing more of the confidence and esteem which make for a positive state of mental well-being. Surveys informed by TSC were used to assess the need for support with budgeting and wellbeing – as well as a strong need for support with employability, housing advice, benefits advice, volunteering opportunities and advice. This survey showed a very strong need for help with accessing furniture and white goods. All of these areas were identified as being key steps in helping people be more independent and not relying on food parcels in the future. This a huge result for Third Sector Consultancy – with special recognition for Rachel who led on this work for us – well done!

A brilliant boost for Stanley Grange!

As is well know accessing funding for core costs can be challenging. Hence the importance of those funders who will consider this. We have achieved a two year grant amounting to £60,000 for Stanley Grange – to cover core costs – from the wonderful Garfield Weston Foundation. This work is done by John as an associate of Moneytree Fundraising and brings the total raised to £845,000 over 5 years! Most of this funding has been to refurbish the houses for the 42 adults with severe learning disabilities. All residents get to say how they want their new en suite bathrooms or wet rooms – as well as how they want the decor and furniture. Their reports are that they are very happyt with this – including the young female Blackburn Rovers fan whose decor reflects her team!

360 degree consultations with Otley Action for Older People

We are carrying out a range of consultation and involvement processes with Otley Action – to ensure that the organisation knows what the needs are for older people, what the impact of the support provided is and that all key stakeholders can give their independent feedback – all making sure that the charity is on track. The first consultation event was with 15 volunteers earlier this week – asking them what the challenges are that older people face; which ones Otley Action should focus on; what they get out of volunteering and any suggestions for developing and clarifying the role of volunteer. It was a lively session with a good number of insights and suggestions coming through – more detail n this in a later post. We will also be consulting with the members (the older people using the services), staff, trustees, the public and exteranl agencies e.g. commissioners, MP, health centres etc. Thin will all feed into a report including both observations and suggestions for development.

New clients for Third Sector Consultancy

As from February we are working with two new clients: Otley Courthouse and the Bridge Church. Otley Courthouse is 20 years old this May and provides a wide range of arts, cultural and community activities – through a small staff team and a much larger team of volunteers of all ages. The Courthouse are keen to develop a stronger Volunteer Co-ordinator role, for much needed new equipment  and to raise funds for core costs. The Bridge Church is a United Reformed Church in Otley (Leeds) and provides a good range of community support services as well as being a place of worship. Funds are needed for a new roof and the remodel and refurbish a much used community room.

£15,000 towards a new minibus for Otley Action for Older People

We are pleased to report that this grant from the Clothworker’s Foundation means that all the £90,000 has been raised for a new, bespoke minibus for this charity supporting older people in Otley and the surrounding area. Part of the process included supporting staff in consulting with the volunteers and members to find out what kind of features the new minibus should have. We have helped Otley Action before in consulting with stakeholders and are about to do so again – with members, volunteers, staff, trustees and external partners.

£250,000 from Heritage Lottery Fund for ecoACTIVE!

The Hackney Buzzline is an exciting project aiming to set up a 4 kilometre ‘buzzline’ for bees.The Hackney Buzzline will be a four kilometre ecological corridor extending through and between four east London parks. The parks are all local sites of importance for nature conservation. The corridor will be built by sowing wildflower meadows, planting flower beds and creating ‘stepping-stone’ habitats for pollinators every 100-200 metres along the route. Having invested a lot of time and energy in supporting Jess the CEO in developiung an application we have just heard that it was successful – £250,000 to help create this amazing lifeline over the next 3 years.