Excellent news for ecoACTIVE – an early Christmas present!

TSC has supported ecoACTIVE (working in hackney and Newham) in developing a case for support and a presentation to the Hiscox Foundation. This was successful and has resulted in a £15,000 grant towards core costs – the nirvana for fundraising in that it contributes to the bottom line. EcoACTIVE was approached by one of their trustees who is leading on environmental issues for Hiscox. There is scope here for collaborating with Hiscox on an environmental journey rather than this being a one off. We’re delighted!

What an extraordinary year is 2021 – Together Dementia Support

Sometimes you get on a roll and isn’t that great! In a period of just 7 months TSC has raised £500,000 for a dementia support charity in Manchester. Yes, £500,000!  Together Dementia Support do incredible work supporting people with dementia AND their carers. The pandemic brought home to them that if they support the carers, the carers can more effectively care for their loved ones – and for themselves. Prior to this fundraising we developed a new 5 year strategy and then John took on the actual fundraising. Such good results came about through a genuinely collaborative approach with the CEO, Sally Ferris. This amazing organisation is now stabilised for the next three years.

Wonderful news for Abigail Housing – supporting asylum seekers and refugees in Bradford and Leeds

We’ve just heard that, with our active support, Abigail Housing gas been granted £50,000 over two years from the Lloyds Bank Foundation for its work supporting around 90 asylum seekers and refugees in Bradford and Leeds. This is a crucial core funding grant for this amazing charity which is actively growing both how it works and the scale of its work – always seeking to become more effective in what it does. It’s a good week already!

Great news for the Adhar Project working with marginalised communities!

I’m very pleased to have helped the Adhar project in Leicester get a grant for £10,000 which will enable them to communicate and respond to the many people turning to them for help with mental health issues. The project was desperate for new equipment: phone system and desktop computers so that staff can deliver effective online workshops and one to one sessions. And, they will have funds to hold a Healing and Togetherness event for the many people touched by Covid – great news!

John is now working on the new Apprenticeship in Fundraising

Having been approached by the Aim Group to see if I was interested in working as an ‘industry specialist’ on the new Fundraising Apprenticeship I’m pleased to say that I will be working with them as both Associate Assessor and Reviewer of the materials used in the framework. It feels good to be able to support others in their learning and career progression. My own learning will also be boosted as I will need to complete a course in Assessment as part of the programme.

Work with Otley Action for Older People Reaches New Heights!

Just when we thought it could get no better?We have supported their amazing team of staff and trustees in bringing about the refurbishment of the entire Hub in the centre of Otley – together raising around £400,000. Not only this, we have supported them in their successful bid to the National Lottery which has raised a grant of around £140,000 to cover costs for a Volunteer Engagement and Community Worker. We have visited the refurbished Hub and it looks amazing – we will post some photos soon. This is a real story of vision turning into reality – with a lot of hard work!

Now working with the Medaille Trust – supporting victims out of modern slavery

Third Sector Consultancy is working (through its association with Moneytree Fundraising) with the Medaille Trust. Medaille work to support victims out of modern slavery in the UK. i am proud to be supporting this cause. People from countries such as Albania, Vietnam and the UK are being tricked into slavery here in the UK. We will be working to raise funds so that Medaille can support many of the victims who have become addicted to substances and need help recovering from this. We will also be supporting them in raising funds to employ more Activities and Support workers who work with the residents at a range of safe houses.

Huge result for Stanley Grange community for people with learning disabilities

After an 18 month process – disrupted by Covid – the National Lottery reaching Communities programme has granted £160,000 to fund the costs for the much needed Activities Co-ordinator for 5 years. This is such good news – Kevin does amazing work with residents – a lot through music and singing – and this really helps people relax, enjoy and express themselves during lockdowns.

Fantastic green shoots for ecoACTIVE!

We’ve supported ecoACTIVE in its approach to the Tudor Trust for funding for its Community Gardens project in Hackney – this has raised £64,000 over two years! This will help develop the skills of local residents and volunteers to develop these much needed green spaces and eventually to run them themselves. We love doing our bit for the environment!

Developing a 5 year fundraising strategy for Together Dementia Support

Rachel and I are very pleased to be working with Together Dementia Support – a charity based in Manchester – supporting people who live with dementia. Having won a grant from Reaching Communities (the National Lottery) they now wish to diversify their funding base. We have met with the CEO, the Chair and trustee board and are now on with this significant piece of work for them. As the number of people with dementia grows we are proud to do what we can to further the cause and provide support for both those with dementia and those who care for them. We will also be identifying appropriate funding prospects for TDS and aim to complete the work by March 2021.