Developing a 5 year fundraising strategy for Together Dementia Support

Rachel and I are very pleased to be working with Together Dementia Support – a charity based in Manchester – supporting people who live with dementia. Having won a grant from Reaching Communities (the National Lottery) they now wish to diversify their funding base. We have met with the CEO, the Chair and trustee board and are now on with this significant piece of work for them. As the number of people with dementia grows we are proud to do what we can to further the cause and provide support for both those with dementia and those who care for them. We will also be identifying appropriate funding prospects for TDS and aim to complete the work by March 2021.

Success for ecoACTIVE in winning a grant for a Green Mentor for young people

Having just started work with ecoACTIVE our first task was to work with them on an application to fund a Green Mentor who will work with young people in Hackney and Newham – supporting them to become involved in environmental projects in their communities. We have been successful and the grant is for £36,000 over two years. The Green mentor helps develop young people who themselves then support involvement from other young people and their communities in a ripple effect. Not a shabby start to our work with ecoACTIVE!

Thrilled to be working with ecoACTIVE!

We’re thrilled to be able to work with ecoACTIVE in East London – they work with young people and communities through Forest Schools, community gardens and workshops on a range of environmental issues such as reducing plastic, air pollution, sustainability and much, much more. It was a quick start to our work as they needed immediate support with an application to the Green Mentors scheme – fingers crossed!

National Lottery comes in with a grant for Stanley Grange!

Applying through the Covid focussed funding programme we have secured £11,500 to pay for the vital Activities Co-ordinator for 6 months. This work is crucial in that the residents (who have learning disabilities as well as physical issues) need support to relax, enjoy new activities and let off steam! Kevin, the Activities Organiser, really gets the residents involved in singing and music and is a Big Hit with everyone there. We are grateful for the active support of the North West funding officer at the Lottery as she really gave 100% encouragement to Stanley Grange.

A win from Garfield Weston for Otley Action for Older People

It’s great to get a grant of £20,000 for Otley Action – this goes towards their capital campaign to refurbish their premises in the centre of Otley – making it into a modern Hub supporting older people and the wider community for decades to come. This grant helps bring the totals raised to over £300,000 and the work starts very soon!

National Community Lottery grant for the Manningham Project in Bradford

The Manningham Project mostly supports people from the Asian community, as well as people from Eastern Europe. As restrictions have eased many are approaching the Project for advice and support due to loss of income, accessing benefits and other significant issues – having been unable to properly support many people over the phone. We have worked with this excellent organisation to gain a grant of £20,000 from the National Community Lottery. We are also working to help them develop an ‘Agent of Change’ way of supporting people – so that clients are empowered to solve more for themselves rather than having ‘experts’ do it for them. Watch this space!

Great News for another hard working charity – the Adhar project

Tha Adhar project supports people from BAMER communities in Leicester – a hard hit area under the pandemic. We have helped Adhar get a grant of £50,000 from the National Community Lottery. The grant is being used to support survivors of domestic abuse through specialist counselling and use of the Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit.

Working with the Adhar project in Leicester

I’m delighted to say that I am working with the Adhar project in Leicester – through a scheme by Blume which provides 16 hours of pro bono work to organisations in this Covid 19 world. Adhar is a BAME focussed charity working to support people with mental health problems in the Asian and Eastern European communities. My first task was to get in an application to the MIND funding programme before the deadline – we made it! Fingers crossed.

We’re doing all we can to support our clients through the Corona Virus crisis

The pandemic has reshaped some of the key funding streams. National lottery Community Fund and Garfield Weston, amongst others, are reshaping their funding streams to go to organisations helping people through this crisis. We are doing our very best to align our clients with the appropriate funding. We’re also inspired by the work of Otley Action for Older People and AVSED as they are taking a leading role in supporting not just their members at home, but also anyone in need in the community, to access practical and emotional support. Well done!

Welcome to BRASS!

Hot off the press is a new client in BRASS, a small charity in York working to keep people out of debt and to manage finances more constructively e.g. through saving money on utilities. We will be helping BRASS develop as an organisation and delivering more effective services.