Great News for another hard working charity – the Adhar project

Tha Adhar project supports people from BAMER communities in Leicester – a hard hit area under the pandemic. We have helped Adhar get a grant of £50,000 from the National Community Lottery. The grant is being used to support survivors of domestic abuse through specialist counselling and use of the Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit.

Working with the Adhar project in Leicester

I’m delighted to say that I am working with the Adhar project in Leicester – through a scheme by Blume which provides 16 hours of pro bono work to organisations in this Covid 19 world. Adhar is a BAME focussed charity working to support people with mental health problems in the Asian and Eastern European communities. My first task was to get in an application to the MIND funding programme before the deadline – we made it! Fingers crossed.

We’re doing all we can to support our clients through the Corona Virus crisis

The pandemic has reshaped some of the key funding streams. National lottery Community Fund and Garfield Weston, amongst others, are reshaping their funding streams to go to organisations helping people through this crisis. We are doing our very best to align our clients with the appropriate funding. We’re also inspired by the work of Otley Action for Older People and AVSED as they are taking a leading role in supporting not just their members at home, but also anyone in need in the community, to access practical and emotional support. Well done!

Welcome to BRASS!

Hot off the press is a new client in BRASS, a small charity in York working to keep people out of debt and to manage finances more constructively e.g. through saving money on utilities. We will be helping BRASS develop as an organisation and delivering more effective services.

Working to support Acorn Recovery Projects in Lancashire

Rachel and I are delighted to start work with a new client Acorn Recovery projects – a charity working across Lancashire to support people recovering from alcohol and drug addictions. An incredible 85% of the staff working for Acorn are themselves recovering from addictions. We aim to pull out all the stops in order to raise funds for this great cause!

We welcome a new client in 2020 – the Manningham Project in Bradford!

Rachel and I are delighted to welcome a new client in the Manningham project. It’s always great to work with a client just down the road and we’ve been working with the project to access funding so that we can deliver some real development work with them. The Project supports local people with advice and support on benefits, immigration, employment and housing. Their vision is to remodel the service so that rather than just problem-solving for clients when the problems are there they intend to provide support which will empower people to manage much of this themselves – we want to be part of that!

It just keeps coming for Stanley Grange!

It’s very nice to be on a roll with fundraising and it’s certainly just that with Stanley Grange Community Association right now. The latest significant funder to pledge funds is the Garfield Weston Foundation – pledging £30,000. This makes £100,000 pledged within the last 3 months – bringing SGCA to just £38,000 from the target of £403,000 needed to modernise both Pendle and Weavers cottages so that they are great quality homes for the residents there. I’ll be working with the trustees this Saturday in order to explore the next phase and focus for the fundraising programme. Stanley Grange has an ambitious 11 stage programme in mind so there’s still a way to go overall.

Excellent news from the Wolfson Foundation for Stanley Grange!

“Funding from the Wolfson Foundation is awarded following rigorous and independent expert review. This grant recognises the quality of your project, and we hope that it not only acts as an endorsement of your activities but may also help you to secure additional funds from other sources.” The result is £45,000 for Stanley Grange Community Association towards the modernisation of Pendle and Weaver’s cottages lived in by adults with learning disabilities – in the fabulous ‘village’ setting that is Stanley Grange. It’s good to be doing this work as an associate for Moneytree Fundraising.

Great news for Stanley Grange!

Having been visited by the Gostling Foundation in October it was then a waiting game to hear if they wished to support Stanley Grange Community Association with their modernisation programme – and they do! They have pledged £25,000 towards refurbishing Pendle and Weaver’s cottages – making sure that people with learning disabilities there have great quality accommodation. Phew!

Stanley Grange Community Association waits!

As an associate for Moneytree Fundraising I am working to support Stanley Grange Community Association – which provides an intentional community for adults with learning disabilities and other complex needs. They are raising funds for the refurbishment of a range of houses. Part of my work with them has been to apply to the Edward Gostling Foundation and the Wolfson Foundation. We had a visit from the Gostling foundation on the 24 October and are awaiting the outcome with bated breath! We are also at stage 2 with the Wolfson Foundation and will hear the result by the end of December. All fingers are crossed!