Today is one of those wonderful days when great results come in. Today Rachel Walmsley and I heard that two significant bids we have worked on recently have been successful. The first is securing £165,000 for AVSED, a charity working with older people in the Aireborough part of Leeds. The funding from reaching Communities is for three underpinning aims: 1) To increase the capacity to deliver much needed services through an increase and expansion in the use of volunteers 2) To adapt and develop current activities to engage new and different cohorts of older people 3) To draw on and develop local community resources When the Project manager heard she broke down in tears. The second result is £177,000 from the Henry Smith charity and is for the Kirklees and Calderdale Rape and Sexual Assault Counselling Centre. The funding will pay for 3 years for an Outreach Counsellor and part of the CEO's salary. What a great day!!