Ensuring services to older people in Leeds grow and develop

October 18, 2018
After a long process of support in 2018 we have helped three Leeds Neighbourhood Network Schemes raise over £1,000,000 of funding for the next 5 years - as well as working with them on business planning, board development and consultations. A great collaboration between John and Rachel Walmsley (Succeed Training) - working to develop the sustainability of Otley Action for Older People, AVSED and STEP.

Success with Reaching Communities!

October 18, 2018
We have been successful in raising over £500,000 for one of Yorkshire's rape and sexual assault counselling centres - enabling this incredible service to continue to support survivors - partly through a new model of training up volunteer counsellors. A lot of work went into this - from John Harris and Rachel Walmsley of Succeed Training.

Todmorden Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society

May 01, 2017
We're delighted to be working with TAODS. They work creatively through theatre and comedy, working a lot with young people. They plan to buy the building next door and have asked Third Sector Consultancy to help them. The new building would provide space for other community groups to meet and also storage and rehearsal space which is much needed. Watch this space.

Winning application for Third Sector Professional Exchange

April 25, 2017
We were successful in writing a winning application for funding from the Education and Training Foundation to set up a Professional Exchange on behalf of the Third Sector National Learning Alliance. John is also project managing this programme of CPD in three regions. The project aims to capture the impact of the CPD in relation to the learners supported by the VCSE organisations. This will go on until the end of July.

Don't forget Awards for All!

January 10, 2017
Awards for All This should never be forgotten. For grants up to 10,000 the success rate generally is high. Third Sector Consultancy has a 100 per cent record with applications and will be happy to work with you. The priority is groups and organisations with a smaller income but not for work on arts, sport or heritage as there are distinct programmes for these. The funds cannot be used for day to day running costs but they can be used for equipment and payment for sessional staff. You can reapply after three years.

What is Additionality?

January 10, 2017
Additionality is a lovely concept. One issue that feels paramount at the moment is the question of additionality. This is when when funders make it clear that they are looking for an evolution of a service, an evolution which develops logically from the evaluation results of what has been provided already. Funders increasingly do not want to fund the same old however important such core services may be to your client groups. This can be seen in dialogues with Reaching Communities when exploring the question of continuation funding and it can be seen in the criteria for the current round of the government Tampon Tax fund.

100% success rate with Awards for All applications!

December 23, 2016
With a second application for the Third Sector National Learning Alliance and a collaborative one for a Yorkshire rape crisis centre we have a 100% success rate for Awards for All (Big Lottery). Remember, you can apply for up to 10,000 pounds which can be used for a range of needs e.g. equipment, payment for sessional staff and so on. If you want help with one let us know!

Success with Sport England!

August 12, 2016
John has carried out a key role in the whole process of securing a grant of 75,000 from Sport England for this small but energetic tennis club in Yorkshire. This process began with analysing potential funding sources - in following this through to writing the application. In completing the application he made sure that meticulous attention and care was taken in demonstrating that all Sport England's criteria were met - and the feedback from the Grants Manager was that all criteria were met in full - a perfect score! The Treasurer Nick Smith says: "John has been instrumental in leading a team of Otley grove Hill Tennis Club Committee members in the application for a Sport England grant to redevelop the clubhouse. It is fair to say that this has been a tortuous process requiring a great deal of effort and a commitment to detail but John has led the team to a gratifyingly successful outcome with determination and characteristic good humour."