It just keeps coming for Stanley Grange!

It’s very nice to be on a roll with fundraising and it’s certainly just that with Stanley Grange Community Association right now. The latest significant funder to pledge funds is the Garfield Weston Foundation – pledging £30,000. This makes £100,000 pledged within the last 3 months – bringing SGCA to just £38,000 from the target of £403,000 needed to modernise both Pendle and Weavers cottages so that they are great quality homes for the residents there. I’ll be working with the trustees this Saturday in order to explore the next phase and focus for the fundraising programme. Stanley Grange has an ambitious 11 stage programme in mind so there’s still a way to go overall.

Excellent news from the Wolfson Foundation for Stanley Grange!

“Funding from the Wolfson Foundation is awarded following rigorous and independent expert review. This grant recognises the quality of your project, and we hope that it not only acts as an endorsement of your activities but may also help you to secure additional funds from other sources.” The result is £45,000 for Stanley Grange Community Association towards the modernisation of Pendle and Weaver’s cottages lived in by adults with learning disabilities – in the fabulous ‘village’ setting that is Stanley Grange. It’s good to be doing this work as an associate for Moneytree Fundraising.

Great news for Stanley Grange!

Having been visited by the Gostling Foundation in October it was then a waiting game to hear if they wished to support Stanley Grange Community Association with their modernisation programme – and they do! They have pledged £25,000 towards refurbishing Pendle and Weaver’s cottages – making sure that people with learning disabilities there have great quality accommodation. Phew!

Stanley Grange Community Association waits!

As an associate for Moneytree Fundraising I am working to support Stanley Grange Community Association – which provides an intentional community for adults with learning disabilities and other complex needs. They are raising funds for the refurbishment of a range of houses. Part of my work with them has been to apply to the Edward Gostling Foundation and the Wolfson Foundation. We had a visit from the Gostling foundation on the 24 October and are awaiting the outcome with bated breath! We are also at stage 2 with the Wolfson Foundation and will hear the result by the end of December. All fingers are crossed!

Consulting with older people and volunteers at the Hub

Monday saw Rachel and I helping Otley Action consulting with the users and volunteers – exploring people’s views of the barriers facing older people now and in the future. A significant theme which arose was that of older people being digitally excluded from key services: banking (nearly all the banks in Otley have closed), applying for Blue Badges which now has to be done online – how does that work when people don’t have computers, use the internet or have email addresses? It looks like we’ll be working with Otley Action to address this issue. There was a great energy and atmosphere with both groups of people there.